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Serbian Toronto Television provides up-to-date entertainment, events and a direct link to the Serbian and Balkan community across Canada.

Officially there are 80,320 Serbs living in Canada in 2011 according to Statistics Canada. The major centre of Serbian settlement in Canada is Toronto, which is home to the 3rd largest Serb diaspora population after Vienna and Chicago; the census showed that the total of ethnic origin responses for Serbian was 47,055 in Ontario and 25,160 in Toronto.

Serbian Toronto Television is an integral component to any advertising plan in order to capture culturally diversified markets.

We are your direct link to reach Canada’s Serbian community. Advertise on our show 5 days a week, every week!

We offer the following 30 second time slots for commercials in between our segments during the following showtimes:


Sundays: 7:00pm EST

Tuesdays: 9:30pm EST

Wednesdays: 8:00am EST

Thursdays: 4:00pm EST

Fridays: 3:30am EST


Thursdays: 8:00am PDT

Fridays: 10:00am PDT

OMNI Alberta

Thursdays: 8:00am MDT

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